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My husband had made me a plate of stir fry which included save a lot brand instant rice. As I was almost done eating I noticed a worm on my plate.

To be sure it was a worm I poured the instant rice in a bowl to look further. Sure enough there was a worm crawling in the bowl. I was so devastated and cannot believe I ate worms. It just doesn't get any worse, at least I hope not.

Also I used to love save a lots yogurt and wouldn't not buy it any where else, than they decided to change it. They changed there coffee too.

Save a lot, when you have a good thing going you should not be so *** to change it to a lower quality. Your stores going down hill fast, you might want to keep what's good, good.

Reason of review: Worms in my food.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: I generous gift check. A refund will not make up my devastation. $100 will make up for all the groceries I threw away because I disrust your company.

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Naples, Florida, United States #1286534

Instant rice is boiled for 10 minutes. boiling for 10 minutes would have killed whatever it is. No way was it moving.


It was rice that you had COOKED, and it had a LIVE worm in it? Nahhhh


This is called fraud and borderline blackmail.

"Worms in my food, I even recorded the worm moving but couldn't load the video!" ***.

Larve, maggots, worms, WTF ever you call it will surely DIE from being COOKED! It will absolutely perish from being stir-fried.

People like you need to spend some time in jail and learn a few things about cons and the law.


That is not a maggot or a worm. Almost all fly larvae and earth worms require a substantial amount moisture to complete their life cycle.

That is the larvae stage of a saw tooth grain beetle. To be quite honest I'm sure its not the first or last time you will consume such a treat. They are found in thousands of grain/rice products we buy every day. I understand you're grossed out over it but believe or not ingesting a few these are not going to harm you physically.

In some parts of the world they are part of a routine diet. I know what I'm saying is true. I'm a certified entomologist.

If you would like to learn more simply google Saw Tooth Grain Beetle. There are many ways to avoid this if you do your research.


I thought it was an onion slice. But it's a maggot? How gross.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #885601

That is a maggot. It is a larval stage fly. That is not a worm, its a maggot.


I work at save a lot and you wouldn't believe the health code violations that go on.

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