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We went to Save a lot to buy a few things like we always do but this week May-21-2015 we picked up a Gallon of 2% milk (White) and got it home two days later I opened the Milk and took a drink feeling something like pieces of plastic or Something hopping I was not going to get sick then Date on the Milk says Best Before Mat-31-2015 I dumped it in to a big bowl to see how much more was in it and pictures will tell My wife and I am not happy with Save a Lot right now What can you do to put trust back in to your Products.

This person wrote the review because of damaged or defective of milk from Save A Lot and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $3 and wants Save A Lot to issue a full refund.

Author liked the most prices of your products. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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THIS STORE SUCKS I'm with this consumer rome ny store has a nasty *** manager he don't care walks around scratching his *** alday . I prefer mazzifero

to bubba jay #1451762

thanks its true they do

Nicholasville, Kentucky, United States #1265548

This is a quality control issue. Anything that you buy and is defective needs to go back to the store for a refund.

It is the store's responsibility to go back to their vendor and issue a non-compliance of products that are defective.

That way the vendor can track the lot number and find out what happened. I worked in quality control and that is how it should be done.


OH MY GOD,it was NOT the store's fault,it's the fault where the milk was bottled or jugged geez,store's cannot test each and every single product they sell,that is on where the item is either made,canned,bottled etc,the store is a selling area for those items,if you have a beef(no pun intended)with something you bought from that store,find the item in this case it was a jug of milk,look for the producer of that milk and contact them!!!!!!


I have bought so many bad products there...the best is the mold and expired products. :/ (I learned to check everything) thank god I found a full time job and can afford stop and shop, I have no idea how save a lot is still open with some of the stuff they pull!

Sugar Land, Texas, United States #994534

Isn't that ice??

to Anonymous Traverse City, Michigan, United States #1000297

No Ice It Was Pieces of plastic

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