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where do I call to get my w2s?


Customer service

Is it right on this company to treat their employees rough. A manager today named Jennifer talked extremely rude to one employee and she smelled like illegal substance marihuana like you were able to smelled miles away.

What ethic and company policy is that. How unprofessional and wrong was that. I love to shop at Save a Lot because you have cashier she is white Hispanic. She organize your products, smiles and always seems so positive.

There's never a time a have seen that young lady not greeting customers or doing something.

She is a great asset. I already offered her a part time but she refused sorry couldn't missed the opportunity of having someone like that at my retail store.


Not to mention her *** and unprofessional appearance. I personally love to shop in the morning the employees are less bit so much more nicer and respectful.

And boys shouldn't be allowed to be taking care of the customer and also talking on their cell phones that happened to me this past week around 130pm with a Jamaican cashier. He rings and throw your groceries like they were heavy boxes.No Im paying for food, and that food is for humans not animals. A little bit more caring for customers should be nicer. Happy customers always come back, or at least I do.

I love Lenny, Jessina, Tamia she is amazing, and I do miss Manager Jay he was such a great manager and a people person, he used to take care of customers, he got carts he was everywhere. And very respectful man. Only pointer I can provide is my opinion. I work for Kimberly Clark and pretty often we visit stores that carries our brands and even do I didn't see nothing from us you guys have pretty much everything, what you guys do need is a small area for automotive.

And is great that you don't sell alcohol, cigarettes and anything that hurts our child's. One last thing please if a customer wants to address an issue that is a serious matter he should come out of the office instead of sending one of his assistants to take care of it. In my experience is managers have to be able to be approach by customers and let them speak to you not to your assistants. He should leave his personal phone aside and should spoke to me instead of saying on the walkie what does she wants?

Take care of it, no if I asked for him is because I know the law and top of that it something that can at the end of the day hurt someone. Let's say that this manager that was using a mechanical forklift is too high and cause an accident with a customer. This will affects the company economically speaking and also could get sue. There are details that needed to be addressed by Mr.Jimmy because that's all they told me when I asked Ms.Jennifer I know she was mad and in a rush but we all deserve 100% customer service, we can wait and we can understand if the communication is there.

In the mornings you don't see this kind of behavior, is more next person in line please register and the number. Is more civilized and organized. There is always a thank you, a greet and never missed an apology if there was something wrong in the store. They take care of it right away, I have seen it and even took pictures with your employee.

Her and the young man in the mornings are the best you have not without leaving the lovely Ms. Loretta a Jamaican lady that I can barely understand her but she smiles at me and she offers fresh products all she needs is more customer approach, don't wait for me to ask you, if you see I'm walking around you a few times that means I'm seeking for a product that is not visible or out of stock and I get it. Is busy, it's not their fault but let me know. Excuse me but unfortunately we ran out of tomatoes for example those little ones that are great for homemade sauce.

Other than that I think I had said enough. Hopefully customers opinion are taken in consideration and tips are free. I don't have a bad experience but overall you guys need more employees well trained like Lenny, Tamia and Loretta she just needs a little touch and she would be even better that she already is. Also I noticed that there is no security in the morning and that should be a big concern if the paper that I read at the door is correct that the company plans on selling alcohol then the store will definitely will need security.

And more employees like those please. Makes our shopping experience more pleasant and we leave with a great experience from your store. The only Save a Lot that I personally shop and spend time looking around is in Bridgeport. Waterbury and Hamden are horrible, terrible customer service, so dirty and unorganized a total disaster.

But Bridgeport has something that they are missing employees that do care for customers and their company. Because I did ask something to Lemmy and Tamia and they defended extremely well how their company works and why some brands are not on hand but instead offered the store brand wich is a great way of educating the customer about, your own brands, quality and in the case the customer dislike the product you bring your receipt the product and get your money back. Something that I totally ignored for so long. I wish you greatness and much more stores to open with employees that knows what they are talking about and addressed on their own issues and also provide different options so the customer leave the store satisfied and happy with his new purchase.

It can be a can for. 99 or a meat or frozen food, detergents, but those two did a great job. It's not telling the customer we don't carried it but also offer your product to them. Letting us know that your product it is the same quality and better price.

Trust me I'm a super busy Operations manager with 3 boys and yes a single mother and people like that make your shopping experience so much easier and less stressful. They are well informed on their products, where are they located and if they are not at the register they even walk you and show you were items are placed. You have a very quiet but nice employee she has dreads in different colors and she always smiles. I barely see her at night's.

But she is also valuable just like the other ones I mentioned before. Save a Lot has great future but has details that needs attention from management.

Not everyone has customer service skills, feeling with people can be stressful, overwhelming, exhausting and extremely deteriorating. But the key is the attitude you put on goals, doing more and talking less, be around positive people,team work,and communication.GL


AA Batteries

I purchased a package of AA Maxforce batteries from my local Save A Lot Store. The batteries blew up in my sons remote for his helicopter, now it is destroyed beyond repair. I want to know who to contact about the batteries and the damage.


Thanksgiving diner donation

My name is Lacretia Leftridge. I am with the Five Mile Community association in Dallas TX 75241.

We are needing a Thanksgiving diner donation for seven families. I have spoken with the save-a-lot manager at the Simpson Stuart store requesting donations.

I'll get back with him a a later date. Please contact me at your earliest convenience, 214 -815-3357.



Why don't you carry 100% frozen hamburger patties. Like aldi"s does they come in a box or a bag of 8 sure would be great in Huntingdon tn



The save a lot stores in Tallahassee :) Don,t sale sunglasses or readers. When will they be back in stock at south Mon r or location?

The Perry location has them. O think all location s should sale glasses


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