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This is the second time I wrote about this issue. I have attached two photos about how Save A Lot store # 823 improperly handles eggs.

I have three photos showing how they placed them on a metal shelf in FRONT of the REFRIGERATOR. I suggested the district manager and the store managers be fired since they are the people responsible for the replenishing the food products especially perishables. The photos are from April 9, April 12, and April 15. The company should be thankful I report this location to the Department of Health.

As I stated the management in this region needs to be replaced.

I have also called the corporate office and requested to speak with one of the people in charge of operations. It is obvious that Save A Lot does not care about their customers.

Reason of review: Poor planning on managements part. .

Preferred solution: Replace every manager from district manager to store manager..

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My store never has any eggs.The store location is Auburndale FL.

Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, United States #1268293

I noticed they have 'egg' issues around here too. They frequently have problems with broken, eggs, leaking cartons with the entire box containing sticky cartons of eggs. It's not unusual to have to check 3-4 cartons to find a clean one or one without broken eggs.

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1268607

Same as any other store.

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #1264693

This is a discount store. Have you ever heard the old saying that you get what you pay for? If you do not want food that is not as good then just do not shop here.

to Anonymous #1277726

I don't care if it is a discount store there are standards how to handle food. This store did not provide the appropriate way to handle refrigerated goods.

Naples, Florida, United States #1261435

Did you know that eggs do not have to be refrigerated? Do you know how long refrigerated items are left out of the cooler before they are placed on the truck to the stores?

How long they are left out from the truck to the cooler in the store?

Honey, those eggs are fine. How about you get a job and do your own and let those who actually work there do theirs.

to LadyScot Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1263811

EGGS DO HAVE TO BE REFRIGERATED IN THE UNITED STATES! The reason is they are washed and the protective coat from the hen is washed off. What you stated is correct if they eggs are not washed.

to a***sumer33360 Naples, Florida, United States #1264752

In a retail store maybe. I meant that for safety's sake they do not have to be refrigerated.

How do you think people kept eggs for centuries before coolers were invented? Are the eggs under the chickens in a cooler?

However, aside from that, and yes, if the eggs removed from the chicken's butt are washed they should be refrigerated. But they do not have to be as long as your house is not going to have rapid temp changes. I rarely put my eggs in the fridge, and have yet to lose one.

Go to nearly any restaurant that serves breakfast all day and see where their eggs are kept.

Aside from that, those eggs in the picture are right in front of the cooler. It is not going to hurt them to be out.

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1209375

It looks like that store over bought eggs and was trying to sell them fast and for less then they usually sell them for, so they will sell faster

Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #1204514

Are you the women from the Brockton store that never responded by to my messages I left on your voice mail.?

Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #1204513

I received a message from a woman at the Brockton Save A Lot, I called the number twice left two messages she never called back. I do believe the anonymous responder was the woman in question.

I also called the corporate office and the receptionist does not leave messages for the directors from people calling regarding complaints. I have called the customer service line they do not know enabled to give good customer service and their is no follow up.


Issues like this are handled internally. Customers are not informed about discipline or terminations due to employee privacy/internal information rules.

Also, you don't know what happened behind the scenes. It may have been addressed by the DM the first time around, with it being made clear that a second violation would result in termination for violation of procedure and health code standards.

The only reason a DM should be fired for this is if they knowingly allowed it to happen without addressing it. Responsibility of replenishing does not directly tie to responsibility of stocking and merchandising procedures.

The vendors buy merch and food for Walmart, but they aren't responsible if some *** in a frozen department decides to put frozen food in a refrigerated section instead.

Lastly, please remember, especially if there were not pictures with the first letter, it would have been handled with an internal conversation, a potential visit, and a review of proper procedure.

They would never terminate someone over a single complaint from a customer, because facts can be wrong, and if a customer is confused, upset, of misreads a situation, details can be conveyed wrongly. They must always look into a situation before acting.

to Anonymous #1162100

How you are responding it appears you are a person who works for Save A Lot. If that is the case you should identify yourself and what your title is.

Also I am the one that took the photos on the three days.

With how you are minimizing my comment. I will not be buying any more refrigerated products from Save A Lot because it is obvious by your response you have zero insight and want this issue just to go away, instead of dealing with it.

to Anonymous Cranston, Rhode Island, United States #1204516

Are you the women from the Brockton store that never responded by to my messages I left on your voice mail?

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1268608

A person does not need to be an employee of the company you are complaining about to use common sense.

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