I purchased a bag of the Wylwood steam bag broccoli with cheese at my local Save A Lot. After cooking it and dumping it into a bowl, then I discovered that there was NO cheese!

As if that was not enough, almost the entire bag was stalks and very little broccoli buds. I tried to find a website for the manufacture and have not been able to.

I have included a photo so that you can see for yourself how sad this steam in a bag mix looked. I will NOT be buying from this company again, even if they are on sale.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of wylwood steam bag broccoli with cheese. Save A Lot needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I bought a bag of save a lot doritos had a bunch of oil in bottom of bag

to Elliott #1450099

I bought some Ranch flavored ones, and I'm not *** you, they had no flavoring at all on them. Lol


Unfortunately it wasn't you who saved at Save A Lot, it was the manufacturer -

according to the web site, http://save-a-lot.com/products/brands/wylwood - Wylwood

Wylwood is Save A Lot's brand, go to the store online and complain -

ALSO companies hate when you complain on their FACEBOOK page. Go to http://facebook.com/savealot and leave the same document you left online here.

"For farm fresh taste, with the convenience of frozen or canned, try Wylwood, Save-A-Lot's exclusive brand of frozen and canned vegetables."

Save A Lot is responsible for this brand. Hope this helps

to terrisanta Lucas, Ohio, United States #1238560

don't buy anything from Mexico, that come from Public Health in our area. Had to throw away bag broccoli on recall.

Had found a long hair in asparagus, in garbage it went. Wylwood was the culprit.

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