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Stop putting bad chips in potato chip bags. You all keep going up on price and the chips are pitiful.burnt, full of grease, so hard you cant chew them.

I dont care if your an off brand or not. A bag of cheddar sour cream are flat awful.You all make sure that you keep raising prices thou. $1.69 for junky chips. Also one day I went into the same store to the meat counter and you didnt have a big enough thing of ground chuck out so I asked on the the guys if he could put together a bigger package of it he said no problem.

Came back out with a bigger package . Took it home and preceded to freeze patties from it and the middle of it had browned old meat in it.

Probably ground from the day before. that`s is disgusting.

Review about: Save A Lot Meat.

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I bought a can of mixed nuts and all I see is peanuts and almonds nothing else in the can so I don't see how you can say that it is 50% peanuts I do like the products but come on give your buyers a break and give more for the price granded you fill bags of chips as they go down a line but during shipping they all settle down in the bottom of the bag and end up with a half bag or less.


I love Save a Lot, and I really do save a lot. I’ve been going there for years and have never gotten anything bad. So I will continue to shop there!


Just bought a mixed nuts at save a lotthat says 50 % less peanuts. U r so full of *** u lying *** I will never buy any of ur products again.


The potato chips are awful now and they no longer say natural on them. They now have an after taste.


Favorites were hit n spicy. Tried all others and am finding mouse droppings baked into chips and they taste like old grease. Yuck won't buy anymore ever!!!


Why do you keep buying the chips if you hate them so bad?


I shop at save a lot store in Garfield Heights or Warrensville Heights. Their prices are much lesser than the other one on Puritas Avenue.

Prescott, Arkansas, United States #1256727

I have no problem with cheddar & sour cream but with the Bacon & cheddar..........at least slow that pork down when you run him by the chips..........NO bacon flavor or smell at all.


I love j. Higgs chips and can't beat them for the price.

Since I started shopping at save alot I have not got anything bad from them.

They've saved me so much on my grocery bill. I recommend them to everyone.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1175248

If you knew anything about meat you would know if you allowed the brown meat to get some oxygen it would have reddened up.

to Meatman #1359821

That's NOT true.

to Meatman #1365954

That is ridiculous.

to Meatman #1416921

I thought red meat turns brown when it's exposed to oxygen.. Do you know anything about meats?


I received a bag of chips with legit 6 chips in the bag..I do not like going to school opening my FLAT bag of chips and only having 6 chips to eat excepting it to feel me up! Please put more than enough chips in EVERY bag of chips!

Your chips are the best but whats 6 chips gonna do? Feel up a squirrel!!!!

to Anonymous #1416924

Didnt know chips can feel people up now a days

to Anonymous #1456929

just what I was thinking this sounded so dirty feeling up a squirrel


Never had a bad bag of J Higgs kettle cooked chips.


Never had a Bad bag of chips


Ayyyy Man. The Honey Heat Barbeque chips are on point.

to Anonymous #1166483

Aayyyy lmao

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